Summit 2024


16th – 17th October 2024


Graz – City of Design, AUSTRIA

Our Topics

Value Engineering/ Management Methods

Value Management best practise

Value Engineering in different branches

Cost reduction and efficency

Value based Teamwork


Speaker 2024

Topics welcome! The focus is on value management and related methods for valuecreation.


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Timetable 2023

October 11th, 2023

08:0009:00Registration and Styrian Networking Breakfast 
09:0009:15Welcome Conference host Valuemanagers.orgChristian Katschnig, Manfred Ninaus
09:1509:45An illustration of an Organizational Implementation of Value ManagementMarion BERLIOZ
09:4510:15How to figure products that need to be improvedWolfgang Lienhart
10:1510:45VMCoach – the software tool for Value EngineeringManfred Ninaus
10:4511:00Coffee break 
11:0011:30Value for new product development… governance and case studiesPaola Mainardi, Giovanni Galeandro
11:3012:00Mindful TRIZViktoria Zinner
13:1513:45Benchmarking Agile in VAVE: A 2022 Study of Agile adoption and impact among PVMs in Germany and AustriaDaniel Ouedraogo
13:4514:15Value Engineering in the context of a complex EE environmentGerman Jimena de la Resurreccion
14:1514:45Automotive Process Optimizing with Function and Cost Analysis to Increase ValueIstvan Tarjani 
14:4515:00Coffee break 
15:0015:30Value Methodology program in Directorate General of Highways, IndonesiaAlvin Tehmono
15:3016:00Railway Organization, Value Management – Approach, Pilot Study and related Benefits Keith Owen
16:0016:30Eco design of products implementing Value Management principlesRamesh Ganesan
16:3017:00Closing of Day 1 
19:0022:00Speakers Gala Dinner 

October 12th, 2023

08:0008:45Styrian Networking Breakfast 
08:4509:15New Function Models GuideStephen Kirk
09:1509:45Commanding Innovation: Opportunities for Value Manager in IMS (Innovation Management System)Alan Zettelmann
09:4510:15VA/VE in Plant Engineering – Easy going or too hard to handle?Sebastian Meindl
10:1510:30Coffee break 
10:3011:00Opportunities for Value Management, Decision Analysis and Project Management professionals to expand their proficiency in using Function Analyses System Technique Diagramming (FAST) techniques to significantly improve project organization maturity by Organization MappingJames McCuish
11:0011:30Hybrid Function Analysis System TechniqueBruce Lenzer
11:3012:00Value Management: A Frontier Alternative Solution Methodology Showcasing Malaysia’s ExperienceMohd Mazlan Che Mat
13:1516:15Free join the world usability
16:1517:15Chestnuts & Goodbye 

Speakers 2024

Name: Alvin Tehmono
Speech: Value Engineering Practice in Construction Industry in Indonesia
Company: Value Engineering Academy

Name: Angelika Riedl
Speech: Systeamtic Innovation for Value Management: Bridging the Gap Between Solutions and Customer Motivations usind trenDNA
Company: Mindul Innovatuin e.U.

Name: Bruce Lenzer
Speech: Critical Thinking Skills and Role of AI
Company: Synergy Value Solutions, LLC

Name: Carsten Voss
Speech: Digitally enabled influencing of technology selection in complex products for increased product profitability decades prior to SOP
Company: Rolls Royce

Name: Florian Stefan
Speech: Carbon Cost Management as part of Product Lifecycle Costing
Company: Horváth & Partner GmbH

Name: Gerrard Young
Speech: Best Practice Value Management in Australia – Key Principles, Practices and Case Studies
Company: Stantec Australia Pty Ltd

Name: Isolde Kanikani
Speech: Mapping Value to achieve Maximum ROI
Company: Plat4mation

Name: Stephen Kirk
Speech: VE Application to a Major Grand Canyon Water Infrastructure Project
Company: Kirk Associates

Name: Achilleas Chatzitheocharis
Speech: Establishing a Best Practice Value Management approach in Capital Investment Planning in Scottish Water. Key lessons learned and practices.
Company: Scottish WaterH

Name: Marco Schlimpert
Speech: Combining Ratio with Intuition in management of value management projects: a quantum leap in creating engagement as a basis for successful implementation.
Company: DI Marco Schlimpert, former Senior Vice President of Executive Committee Lenzing AG

Name: Anilkumar Govindaraju
Speech: Optimizing Value in Medical Device Design and Manufacturing through Value Engineering and Value Analysis
Company: Quest Global Engineering Services Pvt Ltd

Name: James D. McCuish
Speech: Improving Major Project Return on Investment using in-depth Value Management / Value Engineering Studies
Company: Pinnacle Results LLC

Name: Charles W. Jennings
Speech: Improving Major Project Return on Investment using in-depth Value Management / Value Engineering Studies
Company: Pinnacle Results LLC

Name: Muhammad Amin
Speech: Challenges in Value Engineering Application
Company: Asaas Value Engineering Consultants


Messeplatz 1
8010 Graz


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